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December 5th 2018

Important announcement regarding the December 8, 2018 Board Meeting.  The meeting has been moved to the Hartsel Fire Station 5, at Campfire and Ranch Roads. The meeting will start promptly at 9:00, and include comments and final approval of the 2019 budget. Your input is welcome. The Christmas Party will start at the same location at 2:00 pm.

With Christmas and the Ranch Christmas party just around the corner, things all of a sudden get really busy for everyone. Slow down and relax.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish.


So, we are still in need of volunteers to set up for the Christmas party. If you have the time to contribute and help decorate, please let me know. The Ranch Christmas party will be held at Fire Station #5 on Ranch Rd. and Campfire at 2:00 pm.  I will have the doors open by 9:00 am for the Board meeting. I have enough guys and gals to get the tables and chairs, and will be there by at least 10 am. Niki Griffin posted a list earlier on the website of what to bring for a side dish. I, for one, am looking forward to some great food, and good friends here on the Ranch.

Winter has given us some much needed moisture, and we are thankful for that. There are a few folks that still insist on driving very fast pass the office, and I have witnessed some really close near misses of people coming around corners and even passing people on slick roads. Please! Slow down before there’s an accident and someone gets hurt.

With the Ranch purchasing the land over by the reservoir and fencing underway, I’m going to see if we can pasture horses over there during the summer. It will give the other pastures time to heal.

  • The Reservoir is iced over and remains closed until further notice.
  • The Dog Park is closed and the porta potty removed. Please do not use the dog park until it reopens.


Since people bring their dogs down with them to dump trash, it is getting to be a problem with letting your dogs run around, and defecating all over. Please clean up after your dogs. I will put in a baggy holder so you can throw it away.

The RV storage lot is completely full, and folks have been creating their own parking spots. That is ok for now since getting them off vacant lots is more important. I will create more parking next summer.

Hey, don’t forget to check your vehicles before it’s too late. The winter survival kits vary, so please make sure that you get one that fits your needs.

Happy Holidays, Everyone.




John Adams
Ranch Manager

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