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Updates on the 5th and 20th

On a cold February morning sits a valley covered in snow! All I can say is thank you Mother Nature. This is truly just what Ranch of the Rockies needed this year. I was out driving and found neighbors helping neighbors. They were plowing driveways, and helping folks that got stuck in a drift or slid off the road. It is amazing how nice people can be.


There are three websites that provide information on various things happening on the Ranch

All are managed by people who are members of the Ranch. If you don’t belong to these groups, you can always call the office for weather updates and road conditions here on
the Ranch. However, Facebook and Next Door have a really fast response time to requests for information.

There’s not much going on around here this time of year, and most folks are staying close to home. I have noticed that Park County Road and Bridge folks are working very hard at trying to keep the roads open from drifting, and they deserve a big thank you.

Volunteers needed! With the burn pit opening this summer season, I will need folks to
step up and volunteer for a Wednesday or Saturday from 9-1pm. Please look at your
summer calendars and plan a day or two to volunteer. It’s a great way to meet new

Spring is on its way, and that means melting snow and muddy roads. Please remember
that they are just as slick as the ice covered roads, and can be pretty dangerous,
especially when you are driving fast. I know I harp on it all the time, but please slow
down when coming by the office. It can be very busy down here some times. Also, as
the weather gets warmer, there are more folks out walking. Please slow down. And if
you’re building, tell your contractors to slow down.

I heard that this summer we might have a Movie Night at the Pavilion with a popcorn
machine and hamburgers and hot dogs as well. Interested? Keep watching for more
details on Facebook and Next Door as the summer gets closer.

John Adams, Ranch Manager

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