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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Well, March came in like a lion! We have had a lot of snow and mud.  However, this has been a  great year to recover from the drought, and we are looking good with our snowpack.  All this moisture will bring on a great spring. We are a little worried about the spring thaw, and its effect on the reservoir. No matter what, the reservoir will remain closed as a result of last summer’s Weston Pass Fire.

We have 10 Horses on pasture right now, and that is our maximum. With the summer pasture season just around the corner, we will need to see how many horses leave for summer before we can commit to added new horses.

Road and Bridge has been very busy in the county and on Ranch of the Rockies, and the amount of phone calls they have received from RORA  folks has been abundant . I know I have called them several times to report road conditions, and just like you folks, they tell me they will get to it as soon as possible. My hat is off to the plow folks for doing what they do and putting in the long hours. I try to remember that they too have families. If you notice that drifting is dangerously inhibiting traffic, please call Road and Bridge, 719-836-4277, first! Then post the concern on Ranch of the Rockies Next Door and/or our Facebook page.

Helping Hands: Bravo Zulu to the folks that are helping pull people out of snow drifts and ditches. I for one have pulled 37 out this year, and I have had to be pulled out myself three times. It gets a little crazy on the roads when they are drifted or really muddy. Please slow down and watch out for the other guy speeding down the roads.
With spring on its way, so come the wildlife that have babies with them. Please remember not to interfere with Mother Nature, and let the moms be moms. That means if you find a fawn or some sort of little critter that seems to be abandoned, that the mom probably left it there for a reason.

Have a great rest of winter  everyone, and pray for sunshine and warmer weather.

John Adams, Ranch Manager

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