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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Hello Springtime!  This is the time of year that everything starts to thaw, and the vegetation starts to grow. The snow is melting ever so slowly. This is a good thing because it really helps avoid erosion of the landscape and the flooding of lower points on your property…ie. septic tanks. Some of the properties have really old septic systems that the run off seems to fill the tanks up.  If you have one of the old septic tanks, check your covers and make sure they fit tight and are in place.

With summer just around the corner, so come the visitors like the bears. This is the time of year to put away bird feeders, and look around your property for things bears might want to get into. As they come out of hibernation they are really hungry and may even be aggressive.  Check your vehicles for food debris that you  may have left in them. Remember a bear can smell a 10 year old french fry under the back seat.  Please report bear sightings to me!

The RV lot is currently snowed in, so folks that have plans on coming up this weekend to get your campers out and put them on your property may need to rethink that. Your property may have more snow than the RV lot as one couple found out this week.

This has been a great winter here on Ranch of the Rockies, and I for one really appreciate all the snow and all the neighbors that stuck it out up here and helped neighbors. This was not a normal winter.  We had above average snowfall  and we really needed it. Remember this is the mountains and only Mother Nature can say for sure what the weather is going to be like up here.

As  Summer approaches and the roads are finally drying up, be very watchful of folks out hiking and walking their pets.




John Adams
Ranch Manager

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