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Updates on the 5th and 20th

There is lots of information in this bulletin. Please read to the bottom.


Board Members: There have been a couple of changes with your Board during the past month. David Loring decided to resign his position on the Board. The Board agreed with his decision, and recognizes his 1 ¾ years of service. At the May 11, 2019 meeting, the Board approved Rich Mumm to fill the position of Vice President on the Board to complete David’s term ending in August 2020.


Rich and Vonda Mumm have owned property, and lived full-time in the Hartsel area since 1995, first south of Hartsel until 2008, and then purchasing their home here at the Ranch. They have both worked in South Park for the majority of that time as well.  Currently,  Rich works for the Hartsel Fire District and is the Asst. Fire Chief. They are very familiar with the area, the people, and the diversity within the community. For Rich, getting involved in the community he lives in is very important. He has willingly served on the Architectural Committee, and now serves on the Board. He said what so many of us also believe, “We love living in Ranch of the Rockies and are very PROUD to call this home.”  Welcome to the Board, Rich!

Annual Meeting Preparation: On August 10th, we will gather for our annual meeting and picnic at the Pavillion. Each year we elect members of the Board on a rotating basis. This year, there is only one position to fill. That is the position that I currently hold. I have already told the Board that I wish to be a candidate for this position. However, our members would certainly encourage and welcome your candidacy, if you are willing to serve this wonderful, vibrant community. Please submit your name, address, and a short paragraph about your background and interest for serving to the Ranch email.

rorahoa@ghvalley.net We must receive this information by June 8, 2019 to ensure that your name can be added to the ballot.


Change about Open Top Trailers:  At our May meeting, the Board expressed the need to better handle drop offs in the open top trailers.  As a result, we decided that the trailers would be located behind the locked gate at the burn pit area. The area will be open for drop offs the following dates and times:

Friday, May 24, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Saturday May 25, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

And if the trailers are not full, Sunday, May 26, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm or until full.

We will use the same procedure as the Burn Pit. When you drive in, you will need to provide your name and lot number, recorded on a list of owners. Hopefully keeping the trailers behind a locked gate will ensure that non-members do not have access to the trailers. Please remember that no toxic liquids such as oil, paint, and other chemicals can be taken. No TVS, TIRES, BATTERIES, OIL, OIL BASED PRODUCTS, ELECTRONICS, FREEZERS, REFRIGERATORS or MICROWAVES.


Changes with plastic recycling:  We knew it was coming because China no longer wants to recycle our plastics. Effective immediately plastic recycling is limited to

items labeled 1 or 2 in the triangle on the bottom of the containers. You must remove the lids and any plastic label coverings. Containers that are usually marked 1 or 2 are water bottles, milk or cream bottles, laundry detergent, and some of the clear clam shell type containers that fruits and veggies come in. If you cannot read the number because the font is too tiny, do not recycle. Put it in the garbage bag.


As spring ushers in summer, get out there in our community, and enjoy all the wonderful wildflowers that will be blooming due to the extra moisture. Also, continue to watch this site for updates on summer community activities!

Dennis Ann Strong

Board President







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