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Updates on the 5th and 20th


As summer is here and the moisture keeps coming, all the flowers and grasses continue to grow. And so begins the wildland fire season.  Please be careful when you have a campfire. The new Park County/Hartsel Fire District campfire regulations go into effect this week. Please remember that if you plan on having campfires on Ranch of the Rockies, you must obtain a permit from Hartsel Fire.  Their number is (719) 836-3500.  Please call them and help keep Ranch of the Rockies safe this summer.

Although the reservoir cannot open this year, I am calling for volunteers to help out at the Buffalo Creek Reservoir with a list of things that we could use help on:

  1. Willows: We must remove all the willows around the reservoir as per the State water engineer only because we have a plastic liner, and willows could possibly cause leaks.
  2. Fencing: The flood washed out about 150 feet of fencing and the T-post and barbed wire need to be replaced.
  3. Parking Lot:  Make the parking lot bigger to accommodate handicapped accessibility by expanding it to the west 100 yards.  This includes moving, and removing the old logs that lay on the ground.

If you are interested in helping out please call or email the Office 719-836-2079 rorahoa@ghvalley.net

Major concerns that I receive phone calls about:

  1. Trash Cards tops the list.  If you haven’t stopped in the Office and received a new trash card please do so.  Wednesday through Sunday 8-12
  2. Open Top Dumpsters :  This topic, and possible future dates and times, will be discussed at this weekend’s Board Meeting.
  3. ATVs on the Roads:  Please Call Park County Sheriff’s (719) 836-4121.
  4. Campfire Permits :  This goes in effect this week. 
  5. Dog(s) running loose, This has really gotten to be a big deal on Windmill. Please contain your dogs. If you have problems with dogs at large call Park county Animal Control. (719) 836-4380. http://parkco.us/142/Animal-Control

Let’s have a safe and happy summer!




John Adams

Ranch Manager

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