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Updates on the 5th and 20th

How’s Everybody doing?

I hope this finds you out and about checking out the fall colors. its really amazing this time of year. With the leaves changing and things starting to dry up we come into the fire season as well. When you are at your property, please remember that before you have a campfire, you must first obtain a Burn Permit from Hartsel Fire, They can be reached at 719-835-3500 or you can go to the website hfpd.burnpermits.com and register there and pay $10.00.  Then, print it up. Instructions are provided  and the phone number you are required to call before having a campfire or lighting a Charcoal Grill.


Have you seen the Bear? There have been several reports of bears lately and my guess is there are 4 bears that are pretty active and one of them has a set of cubs with her. I have been sent some really cool pictures of 2 of them and i would like to get more.  Just remember that they are wild and they really are just out looking for food. Please don’t be a food source for them. Keep your garbage put up, and if you feed your pets outdoors, make sure to clean up after them.

Bad boy 346
Bad boy

Trash Cards: With the new system, it is a lot easier to find out who the people are that leave their garbage inside or outside the gate. Unfortunately there were some people that left their garbage and then had their cards turned off. If your card has been turned off, you must attend a Board Meeting and explain to the Board of Directors why it is you left your garbage when the compactor was down.


Burn Pit: There has been quite a lot of interest is how long the Burn Pit will remain open? Here’s the Answer, It will remain open until I do not have a volunteer to man it or the access is to muddy or buried in snow.

Pavilion Bathrooms are shut down and the water is turned off as a result of freezing temperatures. There is no water available to clean out your septic tank or gray water tank.


Speed on the roads is becoming increasingly hazardous and this is more apparent on Windmill and Ranch Road. People that like to get out and ride their bikes or walk have complained to the Office and the Sheriff’s Office  Please slow your roll folks, and be courteous of other folks that like to walk or bike on the roads. The speed limit posted is 25 mph. And 30 mph. on Ranch and Windmill…NOT 60 or 70 MPH.

Let’s enjoy the fall season and be safe.





John Adams, RM

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