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Updates on the 5th and 20th

December 5th Input

Hello December! This is a fine start to the end of the year.

The Christmas party is this Saturday, Dec. 7. if you plan on attending, please check the article below this one, by Niki Griffin, and see the particulars of what you need to bring. If you would like to help with setup it starts at approximately 11 am. The party and dinner starts at 2 pm. Come join us for the Ranch of the Rockies Spirit of Giving Christmas Party. We always have a great time and get to meet new and long term members.


With winter well underway, we have already seen some hazardous conditions with highways shutting down and people stranded in their vehicles for hours. Here on the Ranch, we had several people that got stuck in snow drifts and thanks to neighbors pulling them out, we managed to survive.  Snow drifting is nothing new here on Ranch of the Rockies, and my hat goes off to the county guys for working overtime on Saturday and Sunday making sure we can get around.  Thank you, Park County Road and Bridge folks!

Camping Trailers/Cargo Trailers that are on vacant lots are still a problem, and some of those folks have received letters from the Rules Enforcement Committee.  If you still need to get your camper off your lot, this could be a problem because of the snow and drifts. If you plan on putting it into the RV Storage that could be another problem because the storage lot is snowed in.  You still need to remove them either way. Soon, fines will be levied by the committee and the Board.

Wildlife on the Ranch is amazing to see and we have a variety of critters. I have seen some really cool pictures of deer, bobcats, and coyotes.  Let’s not forget the other critters that seem to enjoy the warmth and dryness of our vehicles. I recently had a mouse nest under the hood, and I had Fresh Cab all over it. I finally had to set a trap overnight and get rid of the critters. Make sure your check your motor every once in a while. 

I hope to see you all at the Christmas Party, and please be careful this holiday season. Remember to have an emergency travel kit in your vehicle!

John Adams





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