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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Hello All,

I want to start off by letting everyone know that we are having the compactor removed to be refurbished. This will take place from Monday 20th until the following Monday 27th. While this will be happening, there will be a 30 yd enclosed rolloff for your household trash use. Just like the compactor, this is only for household items. No construction materials, electronics, etc….

It is great to see the snow on the ground which means more water in the aquifers, rivers, and reservoirs this summer. I know it can be a pain shoveling and plowing the drive, but let’s pray that it continues for the next several months.

Since I’m talking about snow and plowing, the following is just a reminder. Road and Bridge requires that the snow you plow from your driveway stays on your property. You are not supposed to plow the snow down your driveway and across the road. A recommendation would be to plow from the road, up your driveway or to push the snow down the side of the road from where they plow the road from, still keeping the snow on your property. It will help to keep your driveway entrance from getting a big pile of snow after you have just spent the time clearing it when they are plowing the roads.

The weir boxes at the inlet for our reservoir have been completed. A huge THANK YOU to Mark Wefler. He spent a lot of time engineering drawings and reaching out to contractors to get this completed. By Mark doing the drawings, he saved the Ranch $3-5k! Mark as well as John have worked very hard with the contractors to make sure the job was done properly. Thank you both.

One more reminder. Ranch members that are building new homes, sheds, garages, siding, painting, and/or other outside improvements to buildings, your plans must be reviewed by the Ranch architectural committee. This needs to be done before applying for a building permit from Park County. The link for the architectural review and check off list is: https://rotr.org/wp-content/uploads/Architectural-Review-Form.pdf.

I hope during this snow season, you each take a moment to sit back, rest and enjoy the beautiful location we all live in!

We wish everyone a very happy and safe 2020!






Rich Mumm

Vice President of the Board

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