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With all the hype about COVID-19, it’s really simple, WASH YOUR HANDS! I work in a nursing home in Englewood, I have respiratory problems.  Am I scared? Just worried. People do foolish things, like going to work when they are sick because they have no sick time, send their kids to school sick so they don’t have to pay someone to stay with them. Just stay home, that helps everyone.

I would like to talk about our HOA dues and what they are really for. Ranch of the Rockies has a water augmentation program with the state, we must maintain so many acre feet of water in our reservoir each year to cover all the wells and water usage that are on the Ranch. Our reservoir has a liner in the bottom of it that is good for about 20 years, we are over that. A new liner cost around 1millon dollars to replace it. Our HOA dues are to cover the cost and maintenance of the reservoir as well as the other operating costs. The HOA dues are due in January of every year, not the month that you closed on your home or property. They are prorated as to when you closed, just like the taxes.
We have a lot of people that are past due on paying, some are a year behind, a few are 5 to 10 years in arrears. As board members we don’t know how this happened, we don’t know what is going on in your lives and why you got behind, but we are here to work with you and help you get caught up.
The board has come up with an “Amnesty Settlement”, this is a once in a lifetime deal for those that are behind on dues and want to get caught back up.
The hardest part is to get people to communicate with us so we can work with them and their past dues. We have empathy with people, we all have been there at one point in our lives.
Letters have been sent out to those property owners behind in dues. Please contact the ranch office and see how we can work with you to clear this matter up.






ROTR Treasurer
Gary D. Woirha

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