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Welcome to fall at Ranch of the Rockies. We are all loving the slightly cooler weather difference as the calendar moves us closer to what we hope will be more needed snowfalls. Let’s just hope all the aspen don’t drop their leaves prematurely due to the heavy freeze last week.

The Board of Directors met on September 12, 2020 in a five hour meeting packed with issues needing attention. After the minutes are approved at the October meeting and posted, you will be able to read in detail the items discussed and dealt with. At this point, the Board has authorized me to write this early update article concerning the following proposed rule changes to the Policies & Procedures and Rules document.

● Collection Policies and Procedures section beginning page 4.
– Item 7, c: the reduction of the past due fee for annual dues was reduced to the amount of 20% per annum. In the March 2020 meeting of the Board, Item 7 was approved and adopted in 5-0 vote.
– Items 9 – 18: These additions were recommended by our attorney and the state to better clarify for the membership the process that will be followed by the board in the event that a member fails to pay past dues. Items 9-18 were approved and adopted by a 5-0 vote.

● Enforcement Policy and Procedures section beginning on page 12.
– Item 12. Fine schedule raises the rules violation fines.
– Item 13 Repetitious Violations clarifications. Items 12 and 13 were tabled by a 5-0 vote.

● Campers and Camping section beginning on page 15.
– Item 1, Clarification of and changes to the camping rules on unimproved lots. Item 1 was tabled by a 5-0 vote.

● Lot Appearance and Use section beginning on page 17.
– Item 2 prohibits the storage of unlicensed or inoperative vehicles or trailers to be stored on any lot.
– Item 3 All lots, regardless whether vacant (unimproved) or improved, shall not be allowed to accumulate excessive trash, garbage, junk, abandoned cars or vehicles, or any other unsightly items deemed to represent a health hazard or would be a nuisance or detriment to the subdivision as a whole or neighboring properties in accordance with Park County Ordinance # 6, dated 3/28/1991. Items 2 and 3 were approved and adopted by a 5 – 0 vote.

In conclusion, the Board wishes to thank all the members who took the time to read the proposed changes, first posted back in March, and then sent in comments by email. Additionally, many members took the time to come to the meetings and voice their concerns. This enabled us to revisit the issues with extensive feedback. It has never been our intent to single out any particular group of members. The changes were originally proposed based on concerns brought to the board over the past year by you, our members. It is our intent to listen to you, and attempt to follow and enforce our rules. It is also our duty to attempt to inform our members of county and state rules. We believe that together we can work to further enhance the quality of life and sense of community at Ranch of the Rockies.





Respectfully submitted,
Dennis Ann Strong, President
Ranch of the Rockies HOA

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