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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Well folks, here we are in November and we can still enjoy nature without a coat! It’s been amazingly mild so far this year and why not, 2020 has been strange in every other way. Speaking of 2020 when you guys stop by the office please remember to bring your mask, it is absolutely necessary if we want to continue to keep the office open. We are also currently restricting the office to one guest at a time to help us all stay safe.

Medical mask icon isolated.

                Our RV lot is getting full fast, so you guys that need that last minute spot better get in to see me soon! We are well into November so that means if you don’t have a house built or have an active building permit for your lot, trailers need to be removed for the winter. We do still have room at the RV lot, but it really becomes problematic if you wait much longer.

               I’d also like to let you guys know that the reservoir has closed for the winter. The fish stocked in September are doing great! They’re growing really fast, and thankfully our reservoir seems to have really balanced its self out since the fires two years ago. I’ve worked personally with the state engineer to develop a new more accurate report for our yearly usage and everyone involved seems very happy.

                Well that’s all for now, hope you all are doing great in these trying times. As always best wishes to everyone,

Josh Ezell
RORA Ranch Manager


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