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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Well folks we had a white Thanksgiving here in the Ranch. Hopefully we will continue to get snow in the coming weeks, so we can light up that burn pit this year! It’s absolutely necessary we have good snow coverage before we burn. Normally we have to have a minimum of one foot. Everyone keep your fingers crossed because it’s really full right now.

Now that winter has set in, things are really kind of quite in Ranch of the Rockies. There are fewer people here in the winter, so make sure you have your vehicles packed and prepared for emergencies. Help may be several hours away, and you may have to walk to your home if you slide in the ditch. I’ve already been told some crazy time estimates from the towing companies. It has ranged from four hours to three days. So stay prepared out there!

Hopefully, you are all doing well and getting ready for some Holiday cheer!  I sure know Hailey and I are. We got our tree cut and placed in the house, so we’re ready! We did finally get move into the ranch house, and the renovations are wonderful.  I’d really like to thank everyone who played a role in the remodel. It could not have been done without you all! I’d also like to thank the Board for approving the remodel. It’s the first major remodel on the house since it was built in the eighty’s. It was really needed. Thanks to all of you folks who have been keeping track of the project and asking how about Hailey and I are doing, it’s nice to know folks still care in such crazy times.  

Think that’s about all for now, as always best wishes, and we’ll see you around the Ranch.





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager

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