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Updates on the 5th and 20th

                Well guys, this should be the article where I tell you about how amazing the Christmas party was. Un-fortunately 2020 went out with no party for most. It was a quiet Holiday season here. No party and little traffic on the roads.  Hopefully ya’ll are healthy and happy nun the less! 

                The New Year has already seen changes for the better here in the Ranch. The most important one being that we finally have wind row snow fences in place. This will greatly reduce snow drifting along our main roads.  Another big thing for us all is the addition of brand new street signs.  The county has been out in the ranch the past few days replacing all of our damaged and dated signs.  Good news for all the new comers!

                For everyone asking, yes the dues have been mailed. The mail in Colorado has been very slow the past few weeks. If you guys have any questions on your payments, please reach out. You can pay by credit card by emailing rorahoa@ghvalley.net and requesting a pay-pal link.

 Hope you all have a great New Year and as always best wishes,





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