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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

This last year we had three CDs that matured, one from Bank of the West and two from Community Bank. We just rolled the Community Bank CDs over. However, the Bank of the West CD was deposited into our TBK checking knowing there would be expenses in the spring for work at the reservoir and renovation to the Ranch House.

Late March going into April with the STAY-AT-HOME ORDER, more people started coming up
to the Ranch to get out and get away. We had more expenses with pumping the dump station
more often and having the compactor changed out much more. As John was going into
retirement the computer in the office stopped working and was replaced.
At the reservoir, the weir box used to channel and measure the water inflow had to be replaced.
And thankfully, the reservoir was stocked with fish twice for the first time in two years.

According to our augmentation agreement, CORA helps with all expenses at the reservoir, especially restocking.

Consequently, going into July, we were halfway through the Operating Expenditures budget.
The Capital Expenditures budget was over spent due to the reservoir and the renovation of the
Ranch house. All in all, we had a good year.

                                      Budget                             YTD                            Difference
REVENUES:             $181,090.00                   $180,652.00                        $438.00
Operating Ex.           $158,351.00                    $147,045.00                    $11,306.00
Capital Ex                  $23,275.00                     $59,049.00                    <$35,774.00>






Gary Woirhaye, RORA Treasurer


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