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We have now figured out the secret to getting enough snow to burn the Burn Pit. All we have to do is have the ranch manager post an article that it probably won’t be burned this year. Then wait a week or so and we will get over a foot of snow. Although not all the areas of the ranch have gotten this much snow, the Burn Pit did. Woo Hoo! Because of the first big storm in March, the Board meeting had to be postponed a week.  Following are several items from that meeting.

Call for Board Candidates:  There are two board positions up for election this year as directed by the By Laws. The terms of service are for three years. Our HOA relies on people stepping up to serve on the Board of Directors. We commonly hear the following excuses from folks who decide they can’t serve on the board:

  • “I can’t serve because I am still working.” Three of the five current members are also still actively involved in careers. One, and occasionally two meetings a month is not too much to ask.
  • “I can’t serve because I am retired and sometimes off the ranch.” Two board members are also retired and schedule their travels around the monthly meeting or join the meeting remotely by phone or computer.
  • “I can’t serve because I don’t have the expertise to be a board member.” The only experience needed is a desire to contribute to your community. Currently, no member of the board has served more than four years. However, we rely on the varied experiences of our community of members and former board members for advice and counsel.
  • “I can’t serve; someone else will.” We are a small board of five members. Since we represent approximately 1400 members, it is essential that we have all five board member’s opinions and contributions. If not you, then who?
  • “I’m just really not interested in serving.” Of all the current and former board members I know, I have never heard any of them say, “I have spent my whole life just waiting to be on the board.” However, I can assure you that it is interesting, fun, and rewarding work.

Service always requires some degree of sacrifice. However, with the sacrifice also comes the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a good thing to help keep our beautiful slice of paradise functioning well into the future. Please give careful consideration to running for one of the two positions, and send an email to rorahoa@ghvalley.net Your questions will be answered by a current board member.

Committee members needed!

Currently, two of our permanent committees need a couple of folks to help out.

  • The Architectural Committee needs two additional members who are willing to work with Roy Wall, Chairman, and Josh Ezell, Ranch Manager on architectural plan approvals. We have lots of building going on, and this committee is critical to answer questions and advise on building issues.
  • The Rules Enforcement Committee needs two to three members who will assist in processing rule violations. This committee receives the written complaints sent from members or brought to the attention of the board. The violation is investigated, and sent back to the board for action to correct the violation. Our current members are moving in April, so help is needed immediately.

To volunteer for either of these committees, please email rorahoa@ghvalley.net Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Finally, last year, we ran over our budget plan, and had to draw from our savings funds. We had several unexpected, large expenditures involving creek restoration at the reservoir and renovations at the Ranch house. Additionally, we incurred increased expenses emptying the trash compactor and the RV dump station. This year we now know that more creek restoration needs to be completed, and our ranch truck will need to be replaced. Consequently, we have decided to hold off on providing open top bins during the month of May. We encourage members to go to the  Mountainview Waste location of your choice to dispose of large items for a reasonable fee.

You can find their convenient days, hours, and locations in Park County at this site http://mountainviewwaste.com/hours—locations.html






Dennis Ann Strong

President of the Board

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