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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Well guys, here we are in Spring. The snow is almost gone in most places and the roads are beginning to dry out. With winter almost behind us now is the time to break out those summer projects and get busy! I know we have a terribly busy summer planned here in the Ranch.

The first bit of bad news for you guys is we will not have our spring open tops this year. Mountain View Waste has a transfer station in Fairplay that is open for all our uses. Just past the fire station in Fairplay on the same side of the road. Look for the green gates. It is very affordable and just a short drive. They are open Saturday, Monday and Tuesday from 10 A.M. till 4 P.M. There is also a transfer station in Hartsel on Highway 9. The are only open on Sunday from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M.

Now on to better news. The burn pit has been burned and will be open this summer. We have not set a date yet as it is still smoking badly in spots. Sometime in the next few weeks, when the smoke stops, we will bulldoze the area back flat. Then Hartsel Fire will check for hot spots and help determine a good opening date. It must be 100% out before we can begin re-filling it.  It was a late burn, so we will have a late opening.

Lastly this month I would like to discuss trash. We are aware of the situation at hand with our trash services. Our cardboard and plastic recycling was canceled with 48 hours’ notice.  I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s life at 10,000 feet. We will never have city amenities or services in Hartsel. We are in a county with no hospital, so trash is low on the list. We are working with Mountain View to get bear proof cardboard containers brought in, but it takes time. They must build the containers, paint them, then deliver from Bailey. In the meantime, you can put all your household waste in the compactor. I am keeping a close eye on the full status of the compactor tub. I am having it changed weekly at the least and twice weekly when necessary. I will be sure to let you know if it’s closed for a day or two, but we should be ok for the next few weeks.

As always best wishes to you all and we will see you in the Ranch!





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager

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