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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Mid April and as I write this the sun is shining and the snow is melting fast. We have had a warm week but that is set to change this week with more snow in the forecast. This has been our ninth winter on the ranch and so far this one has not been that bad but we know that snow season (and mud season) has not ended yet. Every year around mid May we get at least one more big snow dump so don’t put away the snow shovels and plows just yet. The bears are also coming out of hibernation so be cautious with bird feeders and trash. As our non-winter members begin to head back to the ranch there are a few things I would like to mention. For those who are fair weather campers you have probably seen the signs at both of the Ranch entrances indicating that Park county camping is restricted. You may want to re-familiarize yourself with the Park County Camping Regulations to avoid any hassles.

Here is a link to the Park County camping guidelines, the LUR and also the camping application. https://parkco.us/DocumentCenter/View/3672/Camping_guideline?bidId=

On a side note, camping on the Ranch was initially allowed only where the current RV storage lot is located in filing 1 when the development first opened. Later in 1996 the Covenants allowed camping on undeveloped lots but limited it to 1 camping unit per lot. In 2006 when the new Declarations were signed, camping was permitted but in compliance with any Park County Land Use Ordinances. Our Rules document also has more information related to camping within the ranch which can be viewed on line at our web site.

As many of you are already aware, an unfortunate situation has occurred recently regarding our recycle trailers and capability. Angel of Shavano Recycle out of Poncha Springs, who we used to dispose of our cardboard and plastic, has decided to close their doors. They also provided recycling capabilities down in Buena Vista. Re-cycling is an important environmental concern and the Board is looking into other options. However, in the meantime there is recycling available at several of the transfer stations within Park County with Mountain View Waste. You can check out locations and times at their web site. http://www.mountainviewwaste.com/ They do charge but it is very nominal. They also will accept items that we cannot place in our compactor. I would recommend the Fairplay site as they seem to have the most capabilities and open times available.

Another new Park County Ordinance has also been signed and put into effect that some of our members may need to be aware of regarding short term rentals. If you have a house within Park County, including the Ranch, and decide to use it or any portion of it for short term rentals such as VRBO or Air BnB then this new ordinance will affect you. You can get more information on the Park County web site. I have also included a link to the new ordinance below.


Another extremely important issue that the Board currently has to quickly deal with is repairs at the reservoir. Last year some critical emergency work was done to shore up several breaches of the creek leading to the reservoir to insure the water was going into it and not just out into the marsh land. There will be more work that will be required this year to the creek and the weir box area to further insure the water is reaching the reservoir. This is critical for our water augmentation plan in order to insure that all members will be able to have a well on their property. More information will be made available as it proceeds.

Thank you and have a safe summer.




Mark Wefler,

Board Secretary.

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