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Updates on the 5th and 20th

It is that time of year, a time where you want to be sure and participate. That’s right! The annual HOA meeting where the board always has at least one member whose term has expired and an election to fill open seats. This year it it is two members whose terms have expired and both members, after serving us well in many ways, have decided not to rerun for the board. So we have two open positions and 4 candidates are running for those two open positions.

First of all, make sure your vote counts! This can be assured by reviewing the Election procedures on page 7, section three of the Policies, Procedures, and Rules which can be found here.




Also invited as guests to speak to the members are: Tom McGraw, Park County Sheriff; Ray Douglas, one of the Park County Commissioners; Chief Tingle, Hartsel Fire Chief; a representative for the Department of Wildlife; A representative from Park County Road and Bridges; and a representative from South Park Ambulance.In addition the committee members and the officers of the board will have an opportunity to speak to the group and each will have a question and answer period.”


Also we will host the annual picnic that day and the HOA will provide hot-dogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments,   plastic ware, plates and bowls, and bottled water and soft drinks.  You are invited to bring side dishes and you can share them with close friends and family.








Clay Bandy RORA Member at Large


Below is the agenda for that meeting


Annual Members Meeting Agenda 

August 14, 2021, 9:00 a.m. at the Ranch Pavilion 

Notice: Due to continued Covid-19 recommendations, members 

and guests who are not vaccinated are kindly asked to wear a mask when social distancing is  not possible. 

9:00 am Registration and member sign up to address the board  

9:30 am Call to Order and Introduction of Candidates to address the members. 

9:50 am Members/Guests to address the Board. Members must have signed up and will  address the Board at the centrally located microphone. Comments will be limited to 3 minutes  for each speaker. 

10:00 am Call to close voting. Voting will close if quorum is established.  

10:00 am Committee Reports 

Water Committee – Clay Bandy 

Architectural Review Committee – Roy Wall 

Rules Enforcement Committee – Skip Penhall and Phil Stice  

10:15 am Secretary’s Report – Mark Wefler, 2021 Document changes report 10:25 am Treasurer’s Report – Gary Woirhaye, 2021 Financial report 

10:35 am Vice President’s Report – Niki Griffin, Firewise update 

10:45 am President’s Report – Dennis Ann Strong, 2021  

10:50 am Ranch Manager’s Report – Josh Ezell 

11:00 am Unfinished Business 

11:05 am New Business 

Meeting recessed for counting ballots and election results. 

11:10 am Member at Large – Clay Bandy, Introduction of Guests and Picnic Logistics  

11:55 am Meeting reconvened to announce results of the voting for two new board members. 12:00 pm Meeting adjourned






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