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Hey folks, it’s that time again. The nights are starting to cool down and slowly but surely winter is creeping in. The main questions that I seem to be getting form people are about when things are going to close. That’s a great question. It’s also a question that does not have a direct answer.

For starters the burn pit seems to be the biggest concern. It is completely dependent on how the weather is going. The burn pit is an amenity that requires a volunteer to be there. If there are no volunteers it is closed. Once it gets too cold to be out there, we generally close it down. It usually happens in October sometime, but could happen as soon as late September if we get an early winter. Once we push it in for the last time in late October its closed for good until it gets burned.

Now the RV dump station is another concern for a lot of people. We must remember that there is no heat source down there. With nightly temperatures starting to drop I’m already watching that closely. Once we start to freeze it will be closed down. Once again, it’s a weather thing not a specific day. It will hopefully last until October as well, but early freezes caused an early closer last year. Plan accordingly.

Lastly the reservoir. The issue with predicting its closure is once again snow. CR 433 is a great place for the graders to push snow into. Last year they pushed it closed before we had a chance to lock the gate. This resulted in a fun snowshoe into the reservoir to get it secured for the winter. It ended the year with almost 18 feet of snow piled up there! It was pretty impressive. Usually, it last until after October when it finally starts to freeze over. Then we close it down. Remember there is no ice fishing allowed.

About all for now, as always best wishes





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager   

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