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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Notice: Owners of unimproved lots. Your trailers need to be moved off your property before November 1. The fines have increased to $100 per month for leaving a trailer on a lot without a house. Thank you for your cooperation.

It was a hot and wet summer by South Park standards, but its starting to dry out and cool down around here. The grass lands are turning that familiar brown that we have all come to expect. Buffalo Peaks is putting on a white suit for us and you just know winter is almost here!

This winter is going to be a first for a lot of you guys. We have had over 80 turnovers since January 1. We are at 569 homes according to the county and a whopping 1119 wells have been drilled to date. With that said let me remind you guys that it is important to be self-reliant in this part of the world. When the snow starts, remember to have a winter emergency kit in all your cars. This should include blankets or sleeping bags, road flares, a 24-hour emergency candle, matches, all of the essentials to last a few hours if stranded in your vehicle. Most importantly a shovel! If you’re not going to fast when you hit the ditch most times you can dig yourself out, if you have good tires that is. It happens every year so be ready.

Lastly it is starting to drop below freezing at night. This means that we only have a few more days before the RV dump station gets closed for the year. Same goes for the burn pit. Once the weather is to cold for a volunteer to sit out with the pit we will close it for the year. It normally last a bit longer than the RV dump station. About all for now best wishes.

Josh – Ranch Manager

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