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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Well guys winter is here once again. That means a few things in the ranch. First, I have been talking with our Road and Bridge supervisors this week and to be frank, the stories I’m being told don’t look so great for this winter. The county is down to three grader operators. Those three will cover from Trout Creek Pass to Hoosier Pass. The likelihood of us getting plowed is nonexistent for anything less than 4-6 inches. Typically, 4 inches or more have been plowed, I have been told to inform everyone not to expect that level of service. It is just not possible with the current staff. They will do their best to get to main roads within a few days, but seriously folks if a big storm is predicted, be prepared to be in your house for a few days. Remember you could be without power for a few days until the roads can be cleared for the repairs to be made. Park County is taking this very seriously. They have help wanted adds posted everywhere possible, they are trying. 

Second, those same supervisors and I had had a long talk about the snow fences that everyone has been asking about. I was told that this was one of the last subdivisions where the county still had them up. The new normal for Park County is wind rows. Two long parallel rows of snow that act as a trap to collect drifts. Now we all agree that the fences do help to form the first pile of snow and create the first row, but the reality of that is that our fence, was in places, to close to the road which caused the operators more harm than good. They are happy with no fence for the time and have promised that they will install a snow fence if needed. They don’t think it will be needed. Only time will tell. 

Last is the burn pit. Lots of folks are still gathering slash around their property’s. As of now most mornings have been cold enough that no one has wanted to volunteer to sit out there. I don’t blame them either, that spot always has a good breeze blowing. Until we have the last push in of wood you can always call me and check for the availability of a key. I will warn you to call first, as in before you load your trailer. I felt horrible last year when someone couldn’t get in after the last push in and had to leave the trailer loaded all winter. So, call and ask we can most likely get those last few loads dumped. About all for now as always best wishes.


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