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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Well guys, this month I’d like to talk a little about the Ranch’s long-term goals and my role in supporting them.  Since I have lived in the Ranch of the Rockies community, the one thing that has troubled me is the inability to call ourselves self-sufficient.  Really, almost every task that is necessary that involves any type of equipment is hired out. We do not have the right tools or heavy machinery, anything really, to do the work that is required in this part of the world.  I personally think it’s about time that we work toward becoming a self-sufficient and sustainable community.  I would love to get this ranch into the position where we can take care of ourselves anytime it’s necessary.  Of course, this is easier said than done.  It takes a good amount of initial money and equipment purchases to get any place into that kind of independent position.  What we are currently working on is a plan that over the next 5 years, gets the ranch into tip top shape.  This includes things like reservoir maintenance that meets state requirements, heavy and light equipment, and attachments to that equipment to keep the new and old stuff working the way we need.  It would also greatly help with bringing us into compliance across a bunch of items that we are currently not meeting. It’s a big goal and the board is going to need community support to make this happen.  Everyone wants this to be a Ranch, it’s time we start investing in that idea.  One last point I’d like to make is that the local campground (CORA) has more amenities and maintenance equipment than we do to care for a 7,000-acre ranch.  Thanks for taking the time to consider these important issues! 


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