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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Dear Members of ROTR,

First, I apologize that I have not posted this update sooner. I have been dealing with many issues and also had to get my wife to her surgeon. I am back on the Ranch now and will try to update you on a regular basis as we get a path forward defined.

First, yes Josh did resign immediately but we had already openly talked about the offer from John Adams to fill in temporarily until we can find a replacement. As of Sunday, he has assumed doing just that. My many thanks to John for being so willing to help us out during this time.

Yes, Ron Rose has asked to leave as our web site administrator. However, in our January meeting, we did have two volunteers step forward to help on the site. Ron has done an exceptional job over the years and I thank him for his service. I also appreciate his willingness to not just leave but help us with an orderly transition. This transition has been completed and
Jeff Chiarelli and Taylor Albrecht have stepped up to keep our site running. My thanks to both for their willingness to serve.

Also, Cedra, our bookkeeper, has also resigned. However, she has agreed to stay through the end of February to help in a smooth transition. The board will discuss the process to find a replacement at our special meeting Saturday. We have had several members reach out to us to volunteer their services in the interim and this will be discussed as well on Saturday. Thank you Cedra for all your hard work and for helping us through these tough times.

You know, we are so lucky. We live in the most beautiful place on earth. We have great friends and neighbors who are always willing to help out. Despite the tough times we have had recently it has been so refreshing that so many of you have volunteered to help out. Thank you so very much. As a community, we have some hurdles still to go over, but if we all pull together we will succeed. Thank you for your support and your concerns.


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