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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Welcome? to our new website!?? The site name and domain will remain the same, so if you have links or shortcuts they should continue to work, however, we will need to have you register (again) when you log into the new site for the first time. To do this, just click the link below for Member Registration (or click last link under ?In the Website?, the first section of the column on the left side.)

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Woke up Saturday to a very pretty (and chilly) morning.Frosty Sunrise

We only got an inch or two of snow out of the ?Monster Storm? that occupied most of the news
channels Friday, and really dumped on some of the areas north and east of us.? So far, our winter has been pretty
mild and without nearly as much snow as we would like to see.

Upcoming – We are preparing to go to bid on our water project for the Ranch Office and house, and
hope to have it out to the bidders by early the week after next.? This will involve quite a bit of work,
excavating, plumbing and drilling and likely the actual work won?t start for a month or two, at least.


Dues ? It is that time of year again.? I?m please to say that Carole passed along to me that the dues checks are coming in at a good rate.? By now everyone should have received their statement, as all were mailed early last month.? In the event you have not gotten yours yet, I would suggest that you email the bookkeeper at rorahoa@ghvalley.net or send a snail-mail to the?office at: ?RORA, 492 Ranch Rd, Hartsel, CO 80449 ?and request a new invoice.

Frosty Morning






Website ? Obviously, you have found your way into our new website.?We are working hard to try and make it an improvement over our older site (which served us well), primarily by making it easier to access the information available on the site.?? Many people had difficulty getting to the information, downloading information, or just navigating around the site.?Hopefully, you will find this new site easier to navigate in and will enjoy looking at the site.? We would like to have feedback on the things you like (or dislike) and encourage you to contact us with comments, questions and ideas for making the site better.



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