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Updates on the 5th and 20th

2012 Christmas Tree

Well itlooks like we are finally getting some relief from a long dry summer. During the past week we have had a few decent snow falls and right now it?s looking like a white Christmas. After all the fires around the area, a good snow year would be most welcome.

We had a great Christmas party this year. I would again like to thank all the staff of the Hartsel Fire Department for the work they put into the building preparation. They are always helpful and we are lucky to have such a dedicated group looking out for us.







????????A good time was had by all!

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Sadly, I must report that we had an incident of loose dogs attacking and killing two of our neighbor?s animals. I don?t know the details of how the dogs got free, whether let out to run, or if they escaped from an inadequate fence. Either way, this should not happen. Not only did our neighbors loose two? Llamas, another neighbor may now be facing significant fines and? penalties. As has been previously stated, please take care of your animals so that we can keep this from ever happening again.?



Merry Christmas! and happy holidays to all. ?I pray you have a wonderful new year.


From Glenn Zirkle, RORA Pres.

??????????????????????????? The morning of the 20th of December 2012

Snow on the 19th

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