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Resolutions and How to Succeed in Reaching Your Goals

A new year brings with it new possibilities. Some people grasp this opportunity to make a few adjustments in their lives; stop smoking, lose weight, start exercising, set up a budget, look for a new job or new home, etc. Forty-five percent of Americans make resolutions, only 8% succeed in their resolutions, 24% fail each year. These statistics aren?t meant to discourage anyone, and I imagine you aren?t too surprised. Those people who succeed have a plan, and they stick to the plan. Here are a few tips that successful people adhere to:

  • Decide on a goal that is realistic. For example, people who want to lose weight tend to set some high goal such as 30 pounds, and then focus on that number so that they become discouraged when the weight doesn?t come off quickly. That, most times leads them to fall back into their old habits. The best way to lose weight is to set small goals. Instead of seeing 30 pounds, focus on 5 pounds which is a goal much easier to attain. Once you?ve met that 5 lb. goal, set another goal of 5 pounds, etc. until you have finally realized your 30 lb. goal!
  • Set a realistic date to get to your goal. If you would like to quit smoking, don?t say you?ll never smoke again; instead say you?ll not smoke for one month. After completing one month of not smoking, set another month to not smoke. Mark it on the calendar. Visually seeing your achievements can help encourage you to stay on course. Once again setting goals that are realistic and easier to reach will keep you moving towards your objective.
  • Let others know what your resolution is. You become accountable not only to yourself, but to those you?ve told. You also get encouragement and support from those people you?ve told. Perhaps you could ask someone if you can call them if you feel like you need more encouragement. People enjoy helping others, and having a support buddy to contact during those occasional ?bumps in the road? does work.
  • Plan a small reward for each step you achieve that gets you closer to your goal. A dinner at a favorite restaurant, a new pair of shoes or some other piece of clothing, a book, etc. When you reach your final goal, make your reward befitting your accomplishment, something you?ve really wanted and can afford to do. Perhaps it?s a day at the spa, attending a play, taking a trip, a new outfit or wardrobe and so on. Make sure it?s an incentive that you really desire and will enjoy.

These are just a few tips to help you succeed in achieving your resolution. Goals, once achieved can build your self-esteem and give you the incentive to achieve other goals. Good luck on accomplishing your goals! You can do it!

Brenda Whelan
Brenda Whelan

Treasurer, RORA BOD



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