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Horse sheds March 2013
Horse sheds March 2013



March 05, 2013

With a little bit of luck, it appears that the worst of the cold weather is behind us. ?We are all hoping for a snowy March, but we are still far behind in moisture for the year.

At the last board meeting we began discussing some needed repairs for the reservoir. We have been very fortunate with the endurance of the liner and the dike. But we are starting to make decisions to ensure the spillway is in good shape, as well as the up-stream channel. Both are locations that need periodic attention since they are the ?moving parts?. ?Keep in mind that the well being of the reservoir is essential to our water augmentation plan.

We are also taking a look at some much needed repair work at the riding arena. We know that there are quite a few fence boards which need to be replaced.? John has done a good job keeping the soil tilled and loose, as well as making sure there are no big rocks. If you ride, you know how important that is in an arena. When the weather gets right, we will be calling all horse people, (and anyone else who might be interested) to have a work day to tear down the bad boards, and do some sprucing up around the arena. Anyone who can lend a hand would be welcomed.

Arena Mar 2013
Arena Mar 2013

We hope everyone has had a good winter, and look forward to spring.? Please feel free to stop by a board meeting, or let us know if you see anything we can do to make life better on the Ranch of the Rockies.

Glenn Zirkle

Glenn Zirkle,? RORA Pres.

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