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Morning of April 3rd
Morning of April 3rd

Happy Spring to All! We are getting some good moisture these days, and I?m not even going to complain about the mud! I know you must be relieved as I am, but we still have a ways to go before we?re out of any fire danger. As I am a member of the Park County Emergency Incident Team, we?re all on high alert every day. It?s been 1 year since the North Fork fire, and the conditions right now are as they were this time last year. Not encouraging, I know ? but we are getting more precipitation, and we have to be happy for everything we can get! Just make sure you are doing your part by mitigation of your property(ies). As Smoky the Bear says, ?Only YOU can prevent forest fires!?


Another point of interest, the completed questionnaires returned to the Ranch office contained excellent suggestions and comments. The question asking if you?d be willing to view the quarterly newsletter through our website instead of receiving it in the mail resulted in a great number of individuals agreeing to read the newsletter on our website, thank you. Printing of the newsletter and postage to mail to you costs approximately $1,280 per quarter, which is over $5,000 per year, and these are figures prior to the January postage increases. Obviously, any savings by not printing/mailing the newsletters can be used for other Ranch maintenance and improvements. For those opting to continue receiving their newsletter via mail, we most gladly will do this as we know how important it is to keep our community informed of Ranch happenings, and the newsletter ties us together as a community.?

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