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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Out for an evening meal.
Out for an evening meal.



Here we are close to the end of April and we continue to get much needed moisture in the form of snow.? It is so great to see.? I am looking forward to the end of snow and hopefully the beginning of rain.

I want to thank everyone who replied to the survey.? We appreciate your comments and will be looking at them in depth at future board meetings. We especially appreciate the number of you who wish to receive the newsletter by email.? That will certainly help the budget.? Those members who wish to receive the newsletter by mail, will certainly continue to do so.

Carole will be updating the Ranch directory in time for the annual picnic in August.? If you haven?t sent her updated information or wish to have your phone number and address in the phone directory, please do so immediately.? You can email her with your information at rorahoa@ghvalley.com.

Other news:

  • ?A bulletin board will be installed by each set of mailboxes for members use.? Please follow the posted rules.
  • ?The burn pit will open as soon as it stops burning from last year.? John will post the opening on the web site and the burn pit sign.? John will also sign up volunteers at the appropriate time.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • The open dumpsters will be here for member use April 19th and 20th.? They will be removed April 21st.?


  • The board agreed to lower the cost of a table for groups and businesses at the annual picnic to $20.00.


Dick Chambers
Dick Chambers

RORA Secretary

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