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2012 08 10_0034Calling All Neighbors!

Once again we have come to that time of year when we are looking for community minded people who will consider taking a position on the Ranch of the Rockies Board of Directors. As you probably know, each year we elect one or two new board members, in order to attend to the administrative needs of our association. The Board ensures that the common properties are maintained, the amenities we all enjoy are staffed, and fully operational. Things like the maintenance and stocking of the reservoir, the upkeep of the dog park and riding arena, and the pavilion facilities, and the burn pit are a few of the things the Board makes sure to keep in good working order, and available to all of us. Above all else, the board makes sure that we all keep our augmented water rights by fulfilling the requirements of the state water regulators.

This year we have one board member whose term is ending. Jim Bechtel has given us several years of wonderful service. Alas, he has decided that it?s time to pass the torch. I would like to encourage all of my neighbors (you), to consider serving on the board. I think you will find it rewarding, and a pleasant experience to be involved with others in the community in helping to shape the future goals of the Ranch, and ensuring that we are all able to continue enjoying the things we have at our disposal.

We are currently accepting letters of interest, and are eagerly waiting to hear from all who might consider devoting some time to the community.

Take Care,


Glenn Zirkle

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