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Winter Driving

2013 12 05_0229 (Small)????????? As winter is upon us, it?s time to think about the road conditions of the Highway and in particular, the roads in the Ranch.? I have been patrolling my area of about 1,800 square miles and noticed the Southwest portion of Park County has received more snow than the rest of the County.? Road and Bridge has done a great job plowing and has now been cleaning up and widening the shoulders.


When driving on snow and icy roads please drive with care and slow-down as you travel the roads in the Ranch. ?Watch for on-coming vehicles, neighbors walking and yield to your side of the roadway. ?Watch the shoulder as you yield to avoid driving into the ditch. ?I have helped a few drivers get their cars out of the ditch after trying to avoid a collision or just lost sight of the roadway.? Having a tow rope in your car, is a good thing to have in case you need help yourself or you can pull someone else out of the ditch.


Expect the highway conditions to change when traveling. ?Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. ?As a general rule stay one car length behind the car in front of you per 10mph you are traveling on a clear, dry normal roadway. ?When road conditions deteriorate give more space between you and the car in front of you. ?Drive the speed you are comfortable with as road conditions allow.


It is suggested to bring warm clothes and boots, hat, gloves, flashlight, cell phone, emergency blanket, shovel, tire chains, candle and a small amount of food and water as you travel. ?Keep your car up to date with maintenance to reduce to chance of break downs.


Be considerate and add extra time to your travel plans and have a safe journey where ever you travel this winter season.


From Mike Brown your Board Member at Large.

Mike Brown - Mem at Lrge
Mike Brown – Mem at Lrge

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