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With the amount of snow we have had this year, it looks like we might continue the wet trend we need to recover from a long drought. This is good news. Along with the rains we had during the late summer, perhaps our fire danger will be a little lower this year.

Along with that thought, another thing the snow has done is convince me what great neighbors we have here on the Ranch of the Rockies. While we were out of town on vacation, many of our friends and neighbors worked to make sure our horses got taken care of. With the big snow during November, it required more than a little snow plowing to even get to the house, and keep the pasture open for the critters. Having neighbors like this is what makes this a great place to live. I know that this is typical of the community, as I often see people helping neighbors around the community. Whether its snow plowing, or pulling each other out of a snow bank alongside the road, or helping get firewood in, or helping a neighbor haul a load to the burn pit. This is truly a great community, and I commend everyone for the sense of community we all enjoy

I hope each of you has a great year, and look forward to seeing you at one of our cookouts, or other events.


Glenn Zirkle - President
Glenn Zirkle – President

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