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Updates on the 5th and 20th


I can?t believe it is already the 20th of February.? We?ve survived the deep, drifting snows of January and are now in a melting period which I call slush and mud or slip and slide in the mountains.? I know we still have the rest of February, March and sometimes April to get through the rest of the snow.? I know we can survive what everyone called ?mountain breezes? when we moved here.? Everywhere else calls it what it is ?God awful, depressing wind?.


While we are talking about weather, I want to thank everyone who has helped out their neighbors.? I?ve heard lots of wonderful stories of peoples helping each other.? I especially want to thank our Ranch manager, John Adams.? I know he has helped many residents this winter, including me.? He is always ready to help if he can.? Thank you, John.

The Ranch has two standing committees: the Rules Enforcement Committee and the Architectural Review Committee.? As of this time we have no volunteers serving on these committees.? So in fact, the Board of Directors carries out the duties of these committees.

The policy and Procedures state that the? Rules Enforcement Committee assists in the administration and enforcement of the rules contained in the Policy and Procedures document?.? The Architectural Review Committee ?review and approves plans for proposed construction on member?s property? according to Ranch guidelines.

If you are interested in serving on either of these committees, please contact the Ranch office at 836-2079.

Stay warm and continue to help each other.? Offer a smile.? Remember, it costs nothing and feels good to giver and the recipient. Let?s hope Spring is around the corner.


Dick Chambers - Secr.
Dick Chambers – Secr.


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