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Horse sheds March 2013
Horse sheds March 2013


Once again we are coming to the time of year when the RORA Board of Directors starts thinking about the up-coming election of board members. There will be two seats to be filled on the RORA board this year. So many of you have been instrumental in the activities on the ranch, either by volunteering at the burn pit, or one of the other many activities we have going on. I urge all of you to consider running for the board. Our community is truly a great place to live, and we all would like to continue that environment.? As a member of the board, you get a chance to have direct input on the direction of the association, and decisions that are important to all of us.

RORA Hikers

As we head into spring, I am looking forward to once again getting up on a horse, or hiking in the forest around us. I have heard rumors that an equestrian group is in the early planning stages. Also, the Hiking Club has been around for a couple of years now, and I expect there will be many opportunities for some of their nearby hikes. Please let us know if you are interested in joining in one of these, or any other group around the ranch.

While I will be out of town for the Chili Cook Off, I look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting and picnic. If we can be of service, please let us know, or call John at the office. He can usually answer questions about what is going on around us, and direct you to services offered if you are in need of some help. Remember we have many people on the ranch who can offer anything from pet sitting to heavy construction.


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Glenn Zirkle 2011
Glenn Zirkle


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