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Updates on the 5th and 20th

There will be two seats to be filled on the RORA board this year. I hope that all of you give consideration to running for the RORA board.

I have been reading the 2014 Questionnaires and will answer several of the more common questions. I would like to thank all of you that said the board was doing a good job.

Winter Roads 2014
Winter Roads 2014

The roads on the Ranch and animal control seem to be a main subject that aggravates many people. The Board is in contact with Park County for their maintaining the county roads on the Ranch. We can make requests that something be done and follow up on our request but we cannot demand that they do it.? We have almost 60 miles of roads on the ranch. One member wants Ranch Road paved. The cost of that project would use up Park County?s entire budget for the next 4 to 5 years. (Around $10,000,000), so I can assure you that won?t be done. If any member has any problems concerning the roads, the maintenance of the roads or the county plowing snow in your recently cleared driveway you should contact Park County.

ATV?s on the county roads, speeding and careless driving is illegal. RORA does not have the authority to stop anyone. We can only report it to the Park County Sheriff?s Office. Our Ranch manager is not deputized to do any Park County law enforcement.

Animal control is another problem. We have NO authority to fine or arrest anyone whose animals are running loose on your property or constant barking. Being a dog catcher is not one of our Ranch Manager?s job descriptions. Again, our Ranch Manager is not deputized to enforce Park County laws. ?Call Park County if you are experiencing any dog problems. ?It is the responsibility of the dog owner to make sure they follow State and Park County laws.


My favorite complaint is from one of our member?s concerning bears on his property.? I thought at great length for the correct answer to his problem. Hummm?Rocky Mountains, vast forest, rural areas, abundant wildlife. Should they call the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife? ?Humm! I will have to spend some more time pondering this problem.



Please feel free to stop by a Board meeting, or let the BOD know if you see anything we can do to make life better here at Ranch of the Rockies.

Hopefully I will have some info concerning the blocking of Hereford Way at the back of the Ranch.

John Keiser - Vice Pres.
John Keiser – Vice Pres.

John Keiser

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