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June 20th, 2014


During our most recent Board of Director?s, we discussed many of the projects which have been needing attention. One of those projects has been to enhance the Highway 24 entrance to the Ranch of the Rockies. This project was first proposed last year, and we are now waiting for some hard plans from a landscape architect. All of us on the Board have seen some rough drawings, and are pretty well impressed with the idea put forward to us. I would like to thank Janet Plake for taking this bull by the horns.

Two other projects which are essential to complete involve maintenance at the reservoir. We have accepted a bid to rebuild one of the silt trap boxes on the high end of the lake. These boxes are necessary for the measurement of our water in-flow, and trapping sediment before it flows into the lake.? On the low end of the reservoir, we have seen the concrete begin to wear on the spillway. We are exploring the best way to halt this before it becomes a major problem, and a major expense to repair. Fortunately, we are ahead of this potential problem and expect to have it remedied this summer.


The last project is one we started last year. We are once again planning to do some needed repair work on the equestrian arena. For those of you who ride, this arena is one of the best in the area for training and working your horse. John does a great job keeping it plowed up and ready to ride. In my case, plowed up, (soft ground), has been a blessing lately??just saying.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the annual meeting and picnic

Glenn Zirkle - President
Glenn Zirkle – President


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