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Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day celebrating our country?s freedom from Great Britain by signing The Declaration of Independence. That day was July 4, 1776. A true victory for America! Thank you, Forefathers!



It brings to mind all of the 4th of July?s when I was a child growing up in Geneva, Nebraska. They were pretty much the same every year, but that didn?t matter. It was fantastic and EXCITING! Waking up on July 4th was special because my mother always had a big breakfast waiting for us. My brother had a fireworks stand, so we were set with our entertainment after the big show at the fairgrounds. As long as the weather was good, I went swimming at the city pool for about 4 or 5 hours, then home to get ready for the parade! One year my brothers rigged my little bicycle to be a ship using cardboard, crayons and magic markers. They even made a sailor?s hat for me out of newspaper.? My mother had sewn me a dress that looked nautical, and I took our little Chihuahua with me on the bike/ship and he had a little seat in my basket. That year, thanks to my family?s help, my little bike/ship won first place in the parade!! I felt like Princess of the World! The most important part of the parade festivities was acknowledging the Veterans of War both living in our little community and all of the other towns around us. Our high school band would play the National Anthem and I could see my dad fight back tears, and to this day, when I hear our National Anthem, I still tear up myself.

My dad could make the best rotisserie chickens on our gas grill. My mother would prepare baked beans, the best potato salad, cherry or strawberry jello with fruit cocktail and bananas and Dream Whip topping, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a fresh vegetable tray.? She also made homemade cherry and apple pies.

My aunt and uncle and cousins would come in for the barbeque and festivities and bring with them, my uncle?s homemade vanilla ice cream (the best EVER!!) and my aunt?s homemade milk chocolate syrup, homemade dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate cake. Wonderful de2cadence!

After the parade and barbeque, we would head to the fairgrounds for the fireworks show. It was always the best show that got better every year. After the fairgrounds show, we?d head home and shoot off our own fireworks. What a perfect day it had always been. I remember going to bed that night and falling asleep with a big smile on my face!

Thanks for letting me share such wonderful memories with you. I hope you had a great and safe 4th of July celebration! And to those of you who are or have been soldiers for the freedom of our country, thank you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God bless America!


Brenda Whalen - Treas.
Brenda Whalen – Treas.

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