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I first want to express my hope that all our Ranch friends and neighbors had a joyous and safe Christmas, and to send best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

As one of your ?new? board members, ??I?ve been asked on occasion about what our Ranch Manager, John Adams, actually does.? Many will be surprised to know that the Manager?s job description is over five pages long and is reviewed annually along with personnel policies by the board in the ?Ranch Manager Handbook.??? It details a significant amount of reporting requirements (daily, weekly, monthly and annually) not only to the board, but to county and state officials. I was so impressed with the scope of work he is required to perform that I asked John if I could ?ride? with him for an afternoon to better understand his duties and what he actually does.

So I met John at noon (after his office hours ? when he responds to e-mails, phone messages and other correspondence, conducts his meetings and responds to questions and issues from ?drop ins?) and we headed to Buffalo Creek Reservoir where we inspected recent renovations to the weir and new diversion system and spillway (all of which he oversaw).? On the way, we stopped to mend a fence at the entrance coral.? We then picked up his new business cards in Fairplay and had lunch – where we coincidently met with the Sheriff and Lora Arnold, the new owner of the Fairplay Hotel, who John knew through her horse rescue operation near the Ranch.

We then headed back to drive some roads (did you know there are 69 miles of roads!) on the Ranch ? some I had never been on.? During the course of the afternoon, he identified problems and issues he has been monitoring and working, and shared a wealth of information about problems and circumstances some of our neighbors are dealing with.? Road conditions, dangerous curves and intersections, potential fire hazards, foreclosures, violations of the Ranch?s Covenants and Park County Land Use Regulations, stray animals, wounded wildlife, abandoned vehicles, trailers and equipment, are all matters he tracks closely.

John received 6 calls on his cell phone that afternoon, responding to questions and politely referring residents to contractors, organizations and companies that could help them if he could not.? It takes tact and empathy to deal with folks who are frustrated or angry.? But John is always willing to help residents with their problems and questions.? And he is a highly trained volunteer firefighter and certified EMT.? Don?t let the squawk of his radio bother you ? it?s often critical information regarding fires, weather, wrecks and road closures:? things that affect our safety and our quality of life here on the Ranch.

It was a highly educational afternoon for me, and a privilege to get to know John a little better – his background, and the variety of skills and knowledge he brings to the table.? And in spite of what might appear to some to be a ?rough and tough cowhand? outward appearance, John?s a conscientious ?Good Sheppard,??? who cares about people.? He?s the right man for the job.

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Jeff Deardorff, Member-at-Large

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