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Hello friends and neighbors,

Snow level
Snow level

It is mid January and forty degrees outside.? A mild winter again so far, I am hoping for a little more snow cover to keep the fire danger down this summer.? This last fall has been very busy for the board.? A cold snap froze the water line from the Fire Station 3 to the stock tank and broke the water line.? John a great job getting on it fast.? We had the water line dug up and replaced the line.? We had the water line dug deeper than before.? We hope not have a frozen water line again in the future.

We had a very good meeting with Curt Logsdon, the Road and Bridge supervisor last month.? Curt stated he had made quite a few changes with how the department is going to maintain our roads, hopefully for the better.? We were informed by Curt that a new Road and Bridge building will be built this summer near Ranch Road and Harness.? The new building will be used to house the road graders and other road maintenance equipment.? Van Wands and crew are doing a great job plowing our roads.

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We are sorry to have Brenda Whelan resigned from the Board of Directors.? I have asked Tom Wells if he would finish Brenda?s term until this summer.? I was happy to learn Tom said he would and the Board approved unanimously.? I do not know of another person as knowledgeable about Ranch of the Rockies as Tom Wells.? Thank you Tom for all that you have done and we look forward to working with you this spring and summer.? A huge Thank You to Brenda Whalen for your dedicated service and hard work as our Treasurer.? Brenda has been a real asset to the Board.? Brenda, we will miss your knowledge and commitment to the Board and our community.

Ranch of the Rockies Board of Directors will have two positions to be filled this year.? So we look forward to having letters of interest submitted soon.? Elections will be held in August at our annual meeting.? I hope everyone has safe travels and hope to see some of our residents at our monthly meetings.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown, RORA Board Pres.

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