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Snow level
Snow level


Here we are in February and we?ve have spring-like weather at the end of January.? Let?s hope we get back to winter snows so we continue to build the snow pack.

When this update gets posted, we should be almost finished with the updating the bathroom in the Ranch office.? It was so bad and it looks real nice, even if it isn?t quite finished.? I want to thank Suzan Gebow and John Adams for their hard work in getting this accomplished.? I believe there were a couple of volunteers that helped also.

I hope all of you have had the chance to read the latest newsletter.? You should have received it by mail or read it on the website.? Thank you Mary Jo for putting it all together.

2015-01-08 Today

In the newsletter, I included an article about how neighbors can help each other with wood removal.? This helps us with fire mitigation and helps to decrease fire danger.? I am happy to report that several lot owners have signed up to have wood removed and several lot owners have requested the information so they can remove wood for fire wood.? Thank you to the lot owners who have begun to use this service. Remember this is for wood that can be used for burning.? It is not for rotted wood. If you need more information about how to sign up, please refer to the winter RORA newsletter or call John Adams at 836-2079.

Have a great February and happy Groundhog day February 2nd, President?s Day February 12th and Valentine?s Day February 14th.

Dick Chambers
Dick Chambers

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