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?Signs? of Spring!New County Road Signs

Those of you who use the Route 24 entrance to the Ranch have likely taken notice of the new County stop sign and road name sign recently installed by Park County.? This is a direct result of a request made by your Board of Directors during Curt Logsdon?s visit and presentation at our December Board meeting.? Curt is the Director of the recently reorganized Park County Public Works Department which includes the former functions of the Road and Bridge Department.

The photo here shows that John Adams, our Manager, also removed the old and illegible ?Ranch Road? sign that did not meet County sign standards.? I think you will agree this was a significant functional and aesthetic improvement to the Ranch?s main entrance.

Mr. Logsdon also has agreed to assign a crew to replace certain sections of failing County snow fencing that help protect several of our major roads in the Ranch from drifts.? With RORA furnishing the fencing, this work will be accomplished this spring.? The board agreed to provide the fencing because the Public Works Department?s budget has no provision for such fencing on the Ranch.



As your Member-at-Large, the Board recently elected me as the primary Point-of-Contact (POC) with the County Public Works Department on matters regarding roads in the Ranch.? So if you have concerns or problems you would like to share with Mr. Logsdon, please email me at jeffdorff@gmail.com. I?ll do my best to make sure your concerns are addressed.


Jeff Deardorff, Member-at-Large


Notice the leak in the Homestake Pipeline.? Carol Rumsey was thoughtful enough to take a picture and send it to us.


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