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Updates on the 5th and 20th


Looking NE from Ranch & Sombrero


The weather for the last couple weeks has been beautiful, but dry!? Please be aware we are under a fire ban and be sure you check the fire department website for the latest status before lighting any outdoor fires, include barbecue or campfires.?

Upcoming ? Construction will begin the week of the 14th on the water project at the office. Our objective is to try and have everything completed prior to Memorial Day weekend.? Please be very careful when taking trash to the dumpster, or recycle bins.

We plan to have open top dumpsters here on June 2, 2012 for members to use to get rid of oversized trash items.? Please do not dump any hazardous material, i.e. batteries, wet paint, motor oil, or other things you know should not be put in the regular trash.? John will have a sign posted regarding what should, or should not be dumped in them, in case you have any doubts. Dumping should only done during the daytime hours. NO nighttime dumping, you will be on camera. Please don?t abuse this opportunity, or we will have to discontinue bringing in the dumpsters.
Be sure to check out theRanch Manager page for other events such as the planned chili cook-off.

Hikers -?Another season is beginning………….be sure to check out the latest information on the?ROTR Hikers page.

Website ? You may have noticed a new item on the home page. I added a page for ?Useful Links? (at Darryl?s request) where you will find links that will connect you with other sites that we think you might be interested in. If you know of a site that you think your neighbors should, or would like, please let me know and we?ll consider adding it to that page.

Dues ? It is that time of year again. By now everyone should have received their statement, as all were mailed early in January. In the event you have not gotten yours yet, I would suggest that you email the bookkeeper at rorahoa@ghvalley.netor send a snail-mail to the office at RORA, 492 Ranch Rd, Hartsel, CO 80449 and request a new invoice. If your mailing address or contact information has changed, please notify us, as that is the only means we have to get your billing to you timely. If you have not paid your dues yet, you will be assessed a late fee, as stated in the Policies and Procedures.


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