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Updates on the 5th and 20th


An awesome start to Labor Day Weekend. We have had a great summer here on the Ranch and we?re looking forward to a great autumn. The hard part is believing summer is almost over. We had a nice annual meeting and picnic and I would like to say thanks to all who helped in putting it together.

As you may, or may not know, Ron Rose and myself were elected to the RORA Board for 3 year terms. At the annual meeting we elected officers and the officers for the coming year are:


Mike Brown - Mem at Lrge
Mike Brown – VP
Suzan Gebow – Sec
Jeff Deardorff – Mem at Large
Tom Wells1
Tom Wells – Pres
Ron Rose – Treas


I am looking forward to serving with my fellow board members and having a good year.

The ranch received a complaint via the website today and I tried to respond, however, my response was returned due to an email address error, so I am going to post my response here:

?Hi Rick, I understand that the conditions are not great, but a great deal of the problem is weather related.? The County can only run the grader over the roads so often.? The?RORA board met with the Board of County Commissioners last Wednesday and we discussed several issues, including the road maintenance.? They were quite interested in what we had to say, but they have 1600 miles of roads to maintain and a population of about 18,000 people which means they have pretty tight budgets and try hard to keep things in as good a shape as they can.
I have to disagree with your statement about “months”, I live just off Ranch road myself and?see the grader working on the road more often than that, but with the dry conditions we have right now, and the speeds at which the people are driving on?Ranch Rd, it is nearly impossible to keep the washboard from coming back quickly.
Regarding the gravel, if you remember, that gravel was put down?after the May 19th snow storm and everyone was complaining about the mud.? Personally, having owned property on the?Ranch since 1979 and lived here full time?since 2001, I think the roads,?in general, are in about as good?a?shape?as I can remember.?? We don’t have paved, divided roads and we aren’t likely to ever see them.??The roads in Ranch of the Rockies are better than most of the subdivisions in the County.??To sum?it up, we live in the country on gravel roads and we have to drive carefully.?

Tom Wells

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