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Happy New Year Ranch Of The Rockies!

I can’t believe I have been here for 5 Years! You know that time fly’s by when you are having fun. 2015 was a very productive year here on the Ranch and we got a lot done like the Reservoir spillway and the weir box at the inlet along with the new culvert that has really saved water and with a lot of help from Mother Nature the Reservoir is full and we are in great shape for the spring.

The Christmas party was a great success even with the snow fall that morning. I wish to thank all the volunteers for helping out with getting the chairs and tables during the snow fall. The folks that helped set up and decorate are amazing as they transferred a work shop into a party hall. And let’s not forget the Hartsel Fire Department for all the work they did cleaning it up for us.2015 12 12_21262015 12 12_2123

Winter activities, out here at the Ranch we live close to all the skiing snowmobiling and snow shoeing not to mention sledding and inner tubing. If you don’t want to leave the Ranch there are plenty of common areas that you can sled or tube down and in the Kaufman Pasture up above the Ranch there is plenty of room for that as well. As we set into the New Year I would like to Thank all the folks that had Campers on vacant lots for getting them off and into storage for the Winter. If you haven’t noticed the Deer are still in the Rut and seen in this Picture. Please do not feed them.

John Adams
John Adams, RM

2015 12 23_2210

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