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Cell Tower
Cell Tower

It is Spring time again and time for some warmer weather here on the Ranch.

As many of you know, Commnet has purchased a lot on the ranch and obtained a Special Use
Permit from Park County to construct a cellphone tower. The location of this tower is in the
central area of the ranch on Adobe Road and should provide additional coverage to much of
the ranch that does not have cell coverage today.

Construction of the new tower started in early March and is expected to be online sometime in
April if there are no major issues. At the time of this writing, it looks like they are working on
the base and the tower sections are on site waiting for the base to be completed before being
constructed. I expect we all will see it up in the air sometime over the next week or two.

The tower is owned and operated by Commnet who also owns many other cell phone towers in
the area. They provide roaming service for all of the major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon,
Sprint, and T-Mobile. It will be a home tower for Commnet?s own cell phone division called
Choice Wireless. (https://www.choice-wireless.com).
The Choice Wireless representative has told us they have hardware (mobile phones, house
phones and internet MiFI cards) that will be available for ranch members to borrow for free to
test and trial their service once the tower is activated. If you are interested in this, contact Mark
Ray at (719) 839-8200.

I have started a thread in the RORA Forum and will continue updating it as I learn more on
construction and activation of the tower. Use this link to go directly to that thread.
Cell Phone Tower Updates

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