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Updates on the 5th and 20th

April 20, 2016

We have an opening on the board of directors coming up this August, as well as openings on the Rule Enforcement Committee, and the Architectural Committee. These positions are 3 yVolunteerear terms, and offer great opportunities for getting involved in the community.???I am happy to go over the time commitment that?could be expected.? I hope you will consider it.

The board has started discussing the idea of building a facility to house our office, and a larger meeting room. We plan to do research on design, costs, and what that may look like.? If you have input or would like to help, please let one of us know.

The board recently completed an update to the Policies and Procedures, for the Ranch of the Rockies.? Please review this document from time to time, so that you are up to date on rules, regulations, policies etc.? You can see the revised document by following this link;? Policies and Procedures

We have had a lot of wet snow recently, but as you read in John?s (our Ranch Manager) article in the newsletter, we have been dry.? Fire danger is high.? Please plan to work on your properties this year, or hire someone to help, to mitigate the dead standing or fallen trees.? We are so fortunate to have access to a place to dispose of this debris.? Other communities have to haul them a long ways to dispose of them.? If you need help, please call our office to ask for referrals to companies, and individuals that can assist you.

As a reminder, be sure to bring in your bird feeders at night. Bears, and other critters like to get into them, and you don?t want that kind of surprise visitor.? Also, please don?t feed the other animals.? If you do feed them, become too comfortable with humans, and many times have to be put down due to not so pleasant encounters.

Remember that you are always invited to come to our Board of Directors meetings. They are the 2nd Sat of every month, starting at 9 am. at our ranch office.


Suzan Gebow-Secretary of the Board

April 05, 2016

Commnet Tower

As we welcome the Springtime to Ranch of the Rockies you may notice some changes around the Ranch like the new Tower up on Adobe and a lot of construction going on with Houses and garages going up. There will be more construction traffic on the roads so please slow down and watch out for big trucks.

The Board of Directors has purchased a new work truck and here are a few Pictures. It is a little smaller than the last one but more economical to drive.

New Ranch Truck

If you have not had the chance to go over to the Reservoir next time you are up this way get your permit, grab a fishing pole and spend the day fishing.

2016-01-07 18.42.40
Burn Pit

The Burn pit is open for business and from the looks of things, there is still a lot of fire mitigation to get done. If you are not sure what you need to do on your property, please Call Hartsel Fire 719-836-3500 and ask them to come out and give you a free Inspection and they can assist you with what needs to be done.

Park Site “C” (Dog Park) is now Open. If you and your pet use this facility, please remember to clean up after them. There are small bags provided and a bucket to dispose of the pet waist.

RV Dump Station is open how ever there may not be water available until the night temperatures are above freezing.

RV’s May go back on Vacant lots.

As Springtime begins to warm up you may start to notice the Bears are coming out of Hibernation and Very Hungry so please remember to bring in Pet food and Bird food at night.

The Trash Compactor door is fixed and if you cannot access the door please come to the office for assistance. If it happens to be on Monday or Tuesday, please wait until Wednesday Morning. You can call the office and leave a message 719-836-2079 or call my cell Phone 719-502-1688. ?I only answer it during work Hours.

John Photo





John Adams, RM

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