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When elected to the board in 2013, I stated that I did not have an ?agenda? for my tenure on the board, and expressed appreciation to our board and Manager for their commendable management efforts. I still stand by that statement.? However, those who attended that Annual Meeting also may remember I expressed concern about the rising number of abandoned (unregistered) vehicles and the growing amount of derelict machinery that have found their way to the Ranch. I?m sorry to report this situation has only become worse.





As Association members, we should respect the investments our neighbors have made in their homes and property here on the Ranch. The Ranch of the Rockies?s covenants ? the rules and regulations we agreed to live by when we purchased property and signed the Declarations ? were designed to insure there would be mutual respect for one another?s property.? Indeed, many of the sizeable residential investments made here on the Ranch were predicated on those covenants and their enforcement.

It is my hope that the board, together with our Rules Enforcement Committee (REC) and Manager, can better address the growing problem of abandoned vehicles and machinery. Those who are in violation of the Ranch?s policies are asked to comply with the rules before enforcement becomes necessary. If there is intent of reusing derelict items on your property, the respectful thing to do is to relocate them to where they cannot easily be seen by your neighbors.








The residential character of the Ranch is changing rapidly with more and more full-time and seasonal homes being built each year. These represent significant investments by our Association members that should be protected.? While many of our members do not have homes here, it will not serve any of the Association?s membership if the Ranch becomes known as the ?Junk Yard of the Rockies.?

Jeff Deardorff


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