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Hello June, We have had the open-top dumpsters here and they filled up in less than 4 Hours the same day they arrived. This is an opportunity provided by the Board of Directors for the removal of large items around the house, like couches, mattresses and old barbeques. I apologize that we did not have a scrap metal trailer this time, but the metal prices are down and our guy with the trailer was unavailable. We will have the open-tops again the second weekend of August.

Building Questions:? Here are the common questions I get about Architectural Sign Off Sheets:

  • Do I need one to put in a drive way???????????????????????? ?No, But you do need a County Permit
  • Do I need one to put up a Green House?????????????????? Yes and depending on the Size you may need a county Building permit as well.
  • Do I need one to put in a septic Tank?????????????????????? No, But you do need a County permit
  • Do I need one to put a shed in?????????????????????????????????? Yes, no matter what size. For anything over 120 square feet, you need a Building permit, no matter what the type of foundation. Please?remember that you are only allowed two accessory buildings on one lot and you cannot have one on any vacant lot that does not have a house on it.
  • ?Do I need one for a Chicken Coop??????????????????????????? Yes, it is considered an accessory structure.
  • fox15Do I need one to put a well in??????????????????????????????????? No, but you must have a “Letter of Good Standing” from the office and have your Declarations signed.

IN Order to obtain a Architectural Sign off sheet you must be a member in good standing (with HOA dues current.)

With all the construction going on, if you are not sure if you need the architectural sign off sheet, please call me at the office 719-836-2079.

Hey the bears are up and I am already getting reports of them visiting folks that have humming bird feeders and bird feeders out. Please remember that bears are not just nocturnal and they can be seen at all time of the day so when you are out walking the Roads or Trails Please be watchful and careful.


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