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Food for Thought

Hi Everyone, with our annual meeting coming up August 13, 2016 I thought I would bring up an issue for discussion that many of us have talked about for several years. About eight or ten years ago, the board proposed building a community center in the Out Lot near Fire Station 5.? We put the proposal on a ballot for the annual meeting and it did not pass.? That may have been a good thing, as it would have been very difficult to get?Park county to approve letting us build on the Out Lot, which would have required us to go through the planning commission and an Out Lot is not included in our water augmentation plan.

Since that time, many things have changed, including available property to build on and the demographics of our community. About five years ago, the County decided to sell three properties they owned here on the Ranch and advertised them in the Flume. We were able to?purchase one of them, a seventeen-acre lot adjacent to where the current Ranch office is located.? That property would be a much better location for a community center/office than where we had considered before, having ample room for the structure, parking and it is close to the ranch manager home.? This would make it much more secure, easier for the manager to watch and maintain and it should be much easier to get county approval to build upon.

Back when originally proposed, we had approximately 300 residential structures on the Ranch, today we have over 500 residential structures. We had about 100 full time residents and now we are closer to 200 folks living here as their primary residence and many more snowbirds.? A community center would make it possible to have our regular meetings in a much more comfortable atmosphere, as well as making a great place for family and group events. We used to have a quilter?s club, but they dissolved, partially due to lack of room to meet.? We have folks who get together to play cards and other games, but they are pretty much limited to six or seven folks, because of room. ?It might also be possible to have some limited exercise equipment, game tables, etc. for the benefit of all our neighbors.

The last time this was proposed, much of the opposition was from vacant lot owners who could not see the benefit to them. As I mentioned, there are many fewer vacant lots today, and even those that do exist, would see an increase in their value, as many people looking for property, ask about the amenities, including a community center.

As titled, I am only suggesting this as something to think about. Before the board would take any action, we would look to our members for approval. The thought is, we would likely put it on a ballot next year after providing the members with information regarding cost of construction, maintenance and impact on dues. ?Please give it a little consideration and I?ll plan a short discussion at the annual meeting.

Tom Wells1
Tom Wells, RORA Board President


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